Local Law Society forum on Climate Change

Local Law Society forum on Climate Change

The forum gave an overview of the Law Society’s new climate change guidance, which is in two parts:  

Part A: deals with concerns for law firms for example calculating emissions, setting targets;  greenwashing (are the claims being made by the firm reflecting what’s already being done); turning down work (firms may wish to consider their stance on this) 

 Part B: touches on concerns for solicitors  for example legal risks specific to climate change (regulation and policy); duty of care; SRA code of conduct; specific guidance for in-house solicitors as their role may be different from solicitors working within law firms.

There will be a “playbook” publication (“The NetZero Law Protocol”) to be released over the summer. This has been piloted with small to medium-sized firms and has received positive feedback.   Also mentioned was the work being done on a practice note, to address climate risk specifically regarding conveyancing.  

Ian Jeffery, Law Society CEO, expressed his hope that the National Law Society’s partnership with Local Law Societies will help us keep connected on this topic. We have been told that the national Law Society is keen to work with Local Law Societies on the rollout of the training- and to meet with them.  We will keep members posted on this particular suggestion as we move forward.